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“Oi!  Would you keep it down?”  George whispered in an annoyed tone.  “Filch’ll be sure to hear us!”  [y/n] had just stumbled on her cloak, causing Fred to stumble over her.  It was risky enough to be out at midnight, but to be causing noise?  Even worse!  But, then again, to the three troublemakers: the riskier the better.

“Sorry,” [y/n] grumbled, making sure to keep her voice down.  

The three of them were on their way to the Potion’s room to begin their latest prank.  This one was only one of the string of pranks that they had planned for their new headmistress: Umbridge.  

This particular prank involved a transfiguration potion; whoever was to drink this potion would grow into the likeliness of a toad.  Frankly, this prank was fitting for Umbridge considering her face already possessed toad-like qualities.  They were merely finishing the job.

George peered around the corner while [y/n] and Fred peered from around George’s body to see if anyone was coming.  It was times like this that they wished that they had the Marauder’s map; peering around corners would not be necessary.  

“Come on,” George whispered as they quickly and quietly made their way to the Potion’s room.  Within the next two minutes they were outside the door of their destination.

“Snape’s not in there, is he?”  [y/n] asked.

“No, he shouldn’t be, I mean we put a good amount of his house in the hospital wing,” Fred reassured.

“Yeah, he’ll be down there with them,” George added.

[y/n] nodded and opened the door.  The three of them walked into the dark room and Fred whispered “Lumos”.

The soft light from his wand illuminated a good portion of the room, at least enough for them to see what they were doing.

“And now we begin,” the twins said in unison.

“Merlin’s beard, do you know how creepy that is?” [y/n] chuckled as she sent a glance at them.

“Absolutely,” they said, once again, in unison.

[y/n] shook her head and grabbed a spare cauldron from the back of the room.  “Just get the ingredients, you two.”

Fred and George went to the closet where all the ingredients were being held.  They gathered all of the needed ingredients and brought them back to the table where [y/n] had begun to work.

They began mixing the ingredients in without a word.  The only thing that could be heard was the occasional crackle, bubble, and pop from the almost ready potion.

“And for the finally,” George pulled a toad out of his cloak pocket, “this little guy.”

[y/n] looked at the poor, fat toad mournfully.  “Poor toadie.”  She shrugged anyways as George placed him in the potion.  There was a satisfying hiss and the concoction turned a milky color.  Perfect for slipping it into drinks, say Pumpkin Juice, unnoticed.

Fred filled a small bottle with the potion, squeezed the cork on, and handed it to [y/n].

“You being the perfect Slytherin to her get to do the honors of slipping her the doused Pumpkin Juice,” Fred informed her, looking a little jealous.  Who wouldn’t want to, basically, drug Umbridge’s drink?

“Perks of Slytherin,” she grinned cheekily and slipped the bottle into her pocket.

Fred smiled and wiped a fake tear away.  “Look at her Georgie, she’s growing up.”

[y/n] grinned and playfully punched his arm, “Oh, shut up.”

George nodded vigorously, “She’s becoming our little Pranking Queen.”

The twins grinned at [y/n] innocently.  [y/n] made a mental note: innocent does not fit them.

She chuckled quietly, “Come on, let’ get out of here.  And I am not short.”  She put away the now clean caldron and opened up the door, “Coming, are you?”

“Yes,” they replied in unison.  [y/n] grinned and shook her head.  

The next day the three of them got up, got dressed, and went down to breakfast like it was any other day.  When they met up outside of the Great Hall, [y/n] held up a bottle of Pumpkin Juice that held the potion within it.

“I think that Headmistress Umbridge would fancy a drink this morning,” [y/n] grinned broadly, waving the drink around.

“Well, don’t keep her waiting!”  George said and pushed [y/n] off into the direction of the headmistress.

The twins walked off to the Gryffindor table, leaving [y/n] alone to deliver the drink.  She casually walked up to the long table where all of the teachers ate.  Once she was in front of where Umbridge was sitting, she smiled broadly, like she was greatly please to see that Umbridge was sitting there.  

Holding out the drink, [y/n] said happily, “I got you a Pumpkin Juice, Professor Umbridge!  I know some of the kids,” for extra affect, she sent a nasty glace to the rest of the dining hall and continued, “have been giving you a hard time, so I thought a nice drink would help.”  She smiled sweetly as Umbridge took the bottle from her hands.

“Thank you, [y/n].  That is quite nice.  I’m glad I still have some students that like me.”  It looked as if Umbridge was trying to smile sweetly, but it turned out to more wicked than sweet.

“No problem,” [y/n] smiled and hurried to the Slytherin table.  Once her back was turned from Umbridge, she smirked mischievously.  Sitting down with some of her friends and grabbing breakfast, she gave a small thumbs up to Fred and George from across the hall.

About ten minutes into breakfast, a shrill screech filled the hall.  

Looking expectantly to Umbridge, she, and every other student, saw that Umbridge’s skin was bubbling and turning a shade of green.  Several students started to laugh quietly.  Fairly quickly, Umbridge’s skin stopped bubbling, leaving her skin a blotchy forest green color.  Her eyes were now farther apart and they bulged out farther than before.  The whole Great Hall broke out in laughter; even some of the teachers were trying to suppress their laughter.

For the rest of breakfast, Umbridge went around yelling, in a throaty and toad-like voice, about catching the culprit and how they were going to pay.  She also yelled about transfiguring back to normal, but none of the teachers looked willing to help her, even though all were capable of it.  

Once breakfast was over, the Weasley twins, flanked by Lee, Ginny, Ron, Harry, Hermione, Dean, Seamus, and other Gryffindors, who had been obviously been filled in on their little potion, came running happily up to [y/n].  They were all still laughing as Umbridge roared in the background.

“That was brilliant, [y/n]!”  Ginny said, clapping her on the back.  

“She finally got what she deserved,” Seamus roared with laughter.

“It suits her, her new look,” Harry nodded approvingly.

“[l/y]!!!!!”  Umbridge roared and [y/n] flinched.

“Crap, she knows!” [y/n] knew it would happen sooner or later, she was just hoping that it would be later.

“Ah, don’t worry about her!”  George grinned.

“Yeah, let’s just head out,” Fred said.  Unexpectedly, the twins hoisted [y/n] off of the ground into the air.

“Let’s hear it for the Pranking Queen!”  They yelled.  Everyone cheered as they departed from the Great Hall.

Pranking Queen… after all, it was fitting title.

Weasley Twins x Reader: Pranking Queenby MaidenOfCamelot

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2014 MaidenOfCamelot

I just-- wow-- I suck at endings...

You could say... I don't want to go... ehehehe

Anyways... I hope you like it, even though it was less fluff, more friendship.

I do not own "Harry Potter" or any recognizable characters

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Not funny. - "You could say... I don't want to go... "
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