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Lime content, beware~ c;

…a toy soldier.  You turned the small army green figurine over in your hands.  It looked as though it had been used one too many times; some of the color had faded away to a light green.  You looked up at Alfred to see whose it belonged to.

The wide grin on his face answered your question before you could even ask it.  Your eyes widened slightly as your face flared up with heat.  You prayed he didn’t notice, and if he did, he didn’t say anything.  He simply slung his arm around your shoulders, nuzzling you affectionately before pulling away, a boyish grin on his face.

“You picked out the best item,” he sung cheerily and looked at the toy soldier that was still in your hands.  “Arthur gave me that way back when.”  He shrugged like it was an irrelevant topic.  “Doesn’t matter now, though!  What matters is that we get out seven minutes worth!”  He laughed and sent a wink your way.

There was no doubt that your cheeks were beet red by now.  What would happen in the closest?  Was he just joking around or did he actually want something to happen in there—?  Internally, your mind scanned over all the things that could happen while Alfred dragged you towards the closet.  After spacing out, you realized where you were when the lock clicked, signaling that your seven minutes began now.

As soon as you were enveloped in darkness, a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist from behind and Alfred buried his head in your neck.  He nuzzled your fondly, placing a chaste kiss on your skin as he did so.  

Your body reacted by instantly stiffening as your hands went to cover his.  Alfred pulled away slightly.

“You told me you would be fine staying in here seven minutes with someone…  Does that still apply since that someone is me?” he asked quieter than usual, secretly fearing rejection.  

You tired to turn to look at him, but his arms held you tight.  He loosened up, but did not fully let go, when he felt you wiggle in his grasp.  Now with ease, you turned to face him.  You brought your hands up to his chest, blindly felling around for his shoulders.

“And why would my answer change?”  You successfully rested your arms on his shoulders, leaning in closer to try to make out any of his features in the dim light.

“I don’t know…,” he looked away for a moment, but quickly turned back to face you.  “You just went all red and stiff and stuff… I thought you were feeling awkward with me.”  You felt his shoulders rise and then fall in a shrug.

“Or…,” you took a deep breath, feeling a new wave of confidence hit you, “that just means that I like you, dummy.”  Boldly, you placed a quick kiss on his lips.  

Alfred stayed still for a moment after your gesture, gathering his thoughts.  Breaking out into a fit of laughter, he lifted you off of your feet and spun you around happily.  You squeaked in surprise, but you knew he wouldn’t ever dare to drop you.  Once he returned you to the ground, he placed a long lived kiss on your lips.  

“Good thing,” he murmured excitedly, his lips brushing against your skin as he did so, “or else my totally heroic plan would’ve failed.”  Faintly, you felt his lips turn up into a grin.

“A heroic plan?”  You raised an eyebrow and poked his chest.  “And what would that be?”

Alfred straightened up and puffed out his chest in a heroic manner, causing you to giggle.  “To sweep you off your feet with my charming nature.  Protect you from all the pervs who’d want you; the usual,” he boasted with a playful grin on his lips.  “Besides, the hero always gets the hot chick.”

Blushing, you ignored his last comment.  “‘Sweep me off of my feet, huh?  How will you do that; I thought you were a hero, not Prince Charming.”

“Just watch me,” he winked cheekily and, with one swift movement, he picked you up from the ground, his arms securely around your waist, keeping you up in the air.  You had no choice but to wrap your legs around his waist.  Well— he did sweep you off of your feet.

“Cheater,” you stuck your tongue out, causing him to chuckle.  He backed you into the closest wall and planted another kiss on your lips.

“Done and done,” he declared and kissed you once more.  Alfred’s lips stayed connected with yours as long as the oxygen in your lungs allowed.  

He was right; he did sweep you off of your feet— and not just literally.  Every time he laughed— you melted.  His personality, his looks- oh God his looks.  If there was a definition of perfect, he’d be it.

You tangled your fingers in his hair, occasionally tugging to see if you’d get any reactions.  Finally, you earned a small moan from him.  Smirking, the grip your legs had on his waist tightened, teasing him further.  

Losing any self restraint he had left, he began to attack your neck and collarbone with sloppy kisses.  It was like he couldn’t get enough of you; he yearned to kiss every inch of your body.  

Once he was satisfied with the amount of kisses he placed on your neck, he began to suck on a particular spot under your jaw, causing you to moan in pleasure.  Your body shook in delight, practically begging him for more.

He smirked and continued to place kisses, this time down your chest, continually going down lower.  Your hands gripped his hair, causing him to moan softly when you pulled on it.

Your hands traveled down to the top of his shirt; you had the material in your hands when the door swung wide open, blinding the both of you with light.  

Francis leaned in, a small smile gracing his lips.  “Having fun, I see.  I hate to break the two off you up, but your time in heaven is sadly over.”

He smiled again and walked away, not wanting to intrude any further.  Alfred looked up at you, a seductive smile dancing across his lips.

“We still have business to settle, [y/n].”  He grinned mischievously and took off out of the door, slinging you over his shoulder as he did so.

“Alfred!” you squeaked and pounded on his back, causing some heads to turn to your direction.

“Don’t worry, ‘ma dear!  The hero will protect you!”  He yelled back and headed towards one of the empty rooms to ‘settle your business.’
whoop whoop heeeeeere's another one

oh Alfred you are such a dork <3 APH America: Sparkle Glasses 

I hope you like this one~ c:

Comment and favorite for more? >w<

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